Miami detective Marcus Burnett, who just witnessed the birth of his grandson, tells his partner Mike Lowrey his intentions to retire, much to Mike’s chagrin. After a celebration party, Mike is shot by an assassin named Armando. Armando had recently helped stage the prison escape of his mother Isabel Aretas. Armando was sent by Isabel to assassinate all of those responsible, including Mike, for the demise of the Aretas cartel run by her and her husband Benito, who was sent to prison and subsequently died.


Despite being told to kill Mike last, Armando targeted him first as he deemed him the biggest threat to their plans. Armando proceeds over the next six months to assassinate everyone else responsible while Mike makes a near-full recovery. Mike demands Marcus’s help to catch the assassin, but Marcus decides to go into retirement, as after Mike’s near death experience Marcus prayed to God that if Mike survives he will never turn to violence again. This causes a fall out between the two friends.




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