The year is 2047, 29 years after the nuclear war between the Earth and Moon Nazis rendered the planet inhospitable. The last survivors have rallied together on “Neomenia”, the former Moon Nazi base on the far side of the moon, struggling to coexist with the former Moon Nazis who also live in the base.

Over the years, the base has started to deteriorate due to overpopulation and the damage on the moon caused by the nuclear war. Meanwhile, Jobsism, a cult formed around the teachings of Steve Jobs and their leader Donald, has become the moon base’s official religion. Obi Washington, daughter of James Washington and Renate Richter, has spent her life keeping Neomenia’s life support systems functional. While examining a Russian refugee ship, she encounters Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, the former Moonführer, who gives her Vrilia, the cure to Renate’s terminal illness. When Renate’s health is restored, Kortzfleisch reveals to Obi that he is a Vril, a race of Reptilians that arrived on Earth during the age of the dinosaurs.



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