When Balraj becomes aware of Roop and Zafar’s affair, he confronts Bahaar and Zafar. Bahaar, who disagrees with Zafar’s approach, warns Roop. Heartbroken, Roop consummates her marriage with Dev, but insists that she would never be able to love him.

As Abdul’s political stance gains leverage, riots against Hindus and Sikhs in the city take place, during which the Chaudhry’s decide to flee to Amritsar with the help of Zafar, but not before Saroj (Achint Kaur), the benevolent maid, is brutally stabbed to death. Zafar confesses to Roop that he eventually fell in love with her, despite his early intention. The story ends with a sad note. While boarding a train, Zafar is murdered by Abdul, as Roop and Dev escape.



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