A former wrestler Sarkar (Suniel Shetty) living in village Gajendragarh one day sees a young orphan named Krishna fight off a bunch of boys in exchange for helping some other kids get food. This impresses Sarkar, who adopts Krishna and turns him into wrestler Kichcha (Sudeep) who emerges victorious in every wrestling competition he takes part in.

However, a goon mocks Sarkar during the match, causing Kichcha to fight him and his goons in a temple where Rukmini (Aakanksha Singh) notices him and soon they start meeting, only to fall in love later on despite Kichcha’s vow of not to marry or fall in love unless he becomes a national champion. However, the goon he had beaten up turns out to be a henchman of Rana (Sushant Singh), an oppressive ruler of Ranasthalipura, and has to defeat him in a wrestling match if he wants to fulfill his father’s dream.



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